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America is under siege. Its citizens are desperate to stay alive in a country swarming with enemies who hate its very existence. Amidst the fear and chaos, Danika Tierney and Cody Wilder are destined by God to join forces to thwart the UN mercenaries determined to eradicate all Christians. Danika is the Commander of the Largo Canyon Patriots. Her mission is to rescue and get survivors to a sanctuary somewhere deep in the interior of New Mexico. Cody is the owner of the ranch that hides the canyon sanctuary from hostile forces. He could never have imagined he would be serving a God he’d only recently come to know. Long before he met Danika in person, he was tied to her. She’d shattered his well-ordered life. Their story is one of love, redemption, and faith.

Deep Within the Turmoil of America’s Death Spiral
Is Born a Story of Love and Redemption
In the Final Battle for a Nation’s Soul

Danger and Adventure Wrapped with Love and Redemption

About Denise Murray

Her article A Little Orange Cat was published in SCWA’s Southwest Scribe E-zine, December 2013, Vol. 34, No. E-3.

She is a NRA certified firearms instructor, photographer, and horsewoman. She has lived in Colorado 45 years, and 40 of them in Durango. Her favorite place outside of Colorado is Tiberus, Israel.

Denise Murray