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Pioneer America Seen through the Life of Rocky Mountain Man Uncle Dick Wootton (1816-1893): As Richens L. "Uncle Dick" Wootton traveled the Santa Fe Trail, across the Plains and throughout the West, he trapped, traded, mined, freighted, helped establish towns (first store building in Denver), and built a road over Raton Pass--where he collected tolls until he made way for the railroad. His life has been likened to "an encyclopaedia of life on the Southwestern frontier." Lives of many well-known and unknown frontiersmen and pioneers are woven into the book's four sections: Dick Wootton's Story; Sketches--details about Western topics, including many mini-biographies; Album (110+ photos, maps and illustrations); Timeline. The 546 page book also includes a Prologue, Bibliography and Index. This slice of life is the American Frontier in story form.

Janelle is the author of No Time to Quit the story of America's westward movement as seen through the life of Rocky Mountain Frontiersman Richens Lacy "Uncle Dick" Wootton.
In addition to a history of the American frontier, Janelle writes devotionals, Bible study lessons, poetry and much more.

About Janelle McQuitty

A native New Mexican, Janelle writes non-fiction. Her mother read stories; her father told them. Together, they helped her develop awareness in various areas of fact and fiction.
     By the time she was seven, Janelle enjoyed words and lyrics. The next year grammar and the cadence of words came alive. In her teens, she enjoyed writing research papers. Her ears have always perked up for history and genealogy.
     As a wife and mother of five, she took college writing and photography classes; but she used both for personal pleasure and as gifts to others.
     When her older children started out on their own, she wrote Honey, You’re on Your Own, a 225+ page book of recipes and helps for them.
     One evening she waited for her youngest child at the library. As she read in the Southwest Room, she realized fact and fiction concerning her great-grandfather, a frontiersman, was beginning to blur. She began collecting and recording his story; so the accuracy of his life wouldn’t be lost to his descendants. As she researched, she was asked to share his information with a southwestern research center. Research shifted gears.
     After years of research, she has written a history of young America’s Southwestward movement as seen through the life of her great-grandfather, Rocky Mountain frontiersman Richens Lacy “Uncle Dick” Wootton.

Janelle Wootton McQuitty

Author, Historian