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Joe’s Endless Pasta-bilities was published in Clubhouse Magazine online in 2015. A great activity for children of all ages. Read it at

Joe’s story Lemon Battery has been purchased for publication in Adventures in Odyssey Clubhouse Magazine (1/20/16)

Calamity Jane and the Tale of Stone Soup, the first book in a series of stories for children is now finished. It was developed for a private natural food company. He published a compilation of poetry, Reaching into the Fire, that is based on a poetry class he taught at the 2001 Glorieta Christian Writer’s Conference.

Current projects include a Tween mystery series, two children’s books, and an adult forensic mystery.

For NaNoWriMo: First Year: November 2013 — 96,000 for The Phoenix Conspiracy using Dragon Natural Speaking 11.1. “It is finished, but nowhere edited.  I am currently writing an epilog to close the back stories and introduce the "possibility" for book two.  And, YES, it was worth it all to finish.”

Joe is the former editor of The Scribe, a SCWA quarterly newsletter for the Southwest Christian Writers Association.

Joe's essay is in
Out of the Overflow (Winepress, 2010). Order from Amazon

He is the only male author in the
The Godly Business Woman Guide to Cooking and Entertainment
(AMG Publishers, 2004)-Amazon and its companion
Women on the Move Cookbook (AMG Publishers, 2005)-Amazon.

About Joe Bowden

Dr. Bowden is a research biochemist, a former university professor, a story teller, poet, a technical writer, and a professional member of the Society for Children Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).

Joe is currently Director of Research and Development for a multi-national company involved in the development and production of a biodegradable replacement for plastic and Styrofoam packaging. He developed and patented this process. He has produced hundreds of technical documents and reports. He has edited and published technical books including How Well Do You Know Your Water Well? (2011).

In September 2012, his children’s story The Littlest Tree won the Reserve Champion ribbon at the recent La Plata County Fair. He also received several blue ribbons for poetry, essay, fiction and non-fiction. He also received Reserve Grand Champion for his Vanilla Sweet Pickles.

He also produces Christian and secular newsletters. Current offerings are in the area of his hobbies, gourmet cooking and children stories.

Joe A. Bowden, PhD

Author, Gourmet Cook

High profile biotech research has developed strains of adult stem cells which can cure diseased organs and extend life of treated patients. Denver's renowned Rosch Clinic is the world’s leader in the use of human adult stem cells and has several currently in FDA clinical trials.

Dr. Michael Lancaster, a lead research biochemist for Rosch Clinic, developed several of these adult stem cells strains. Stephanie Huffman’s best friend, Max, unexpectedly died during her treatment with his stem cells. Using her position as an investigative TV Journalist, Steff falsely accused the innocent Dr. Lancaster of Max’s wrongful death. After resolving this blow up, they agree to work together to understand Max’s death, and in so doing are drawn into Burke’s web. Can the blend of their inquisitive intellects work together and solve Max’s wrongful death? Or, will their strong personalities derail their investigation and they become just two more bodies hidden in Burke’s well-constructed Conspiracy of Silence.

Simon Augustus Burke III, has plotted a course using stem cells pirated from the Clinic to quietly take control of the western economic system. His diabolic use of corrupted scientists, greed, blackmail and a trail of dead bodies have corrupted both his team and unsuspecting scientists at the Clinic.