Southwest Colorado Writers

Nancy and her husband, Darrell co-authored
Renewing The Mind, a lesson book used in prison ministry
Preach a sermon every day. When necessary, use words. (Augustine)

About Nancy Shockley

Fortunate to have grown up in a family with big imaginations, Nancy’s appreciation of a good story began early. Listening to stories over the radio with grandparents was evening entertainment. Many childhood nights were spent with relatives.

      Instead of storybooks at bedtime, they had stories spun fresh from the mind of whoever tucked us in. Frequent camping trips made perfect settings for many tall tales to come to life. A love of storytelling was developed that would influence her for life.
      Nancy’s memoir, I Was The Woman At The Well, reflects her life from age six to forty something years. With candor Nancy takes the reader from waywardness to triumph. A story of hope lost and regained, adult readers of all backgrounds will relate to Nancy’s story.
Most of Nancy’s work to date is non-fiction. Bible lessons, personal letters, newsletters, and her memoir have been her focus.

      Nancy has also written short stories and plans to venture into the unlimited world of fiction.
The Shockleys have lived in Texas, Missouri, and Arkansas. They now live in southwestern Colorado, where they plan to stay.

      “Being here was something we anticipated over fifteen years. Some things take a while, but anything worthwhile is worth waiting for.”

Nancy Shockley